Legislation – Victories

Strengthening Laws that Protect Animals and Striking Down Laws Hurting Animals

The Animal Legal Defense Fund works at the federal, state and local levels to advance important legislation. We advocate for laws that promote or protect the lives and interests of animals, and we oppose legislation that would be detrimental to animals’ well-being.

We also work closely with the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s other programs to identify opportunities to create model legislation that address strategic legal issues in the areas of civil and criminal law, and monitor legislation that impacts animals at the federal, state, and local levels.


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Funding Critical Animal Health Services In Massachusetts FY2021 State Budget

State Budget Allocates Funds for Spay, Neuter, and Vaccination Services
Governor signs state budget allocating $50k to provide critical animal health services to animals in need.
Providing Key Protections for Agricultural Workers (Colorado)

Providing Key Protections for Agricultural Workers (Colorado)

Bill Would Help Protect Colorado’s Tens of Thousands of Farm Workers
Helps protect Colorado’s tens of thousands of farm workers by establishing whistleblower protections, fairer compensation for labor, and protections other workers already access through Colorado’s Labor Peace Act

Funding Critical Health Services for Animals In Need (Massachusetts)

State Budget Allocates Funds for Spay, Neuter, and Vaccination Services
Governor signs state budget allocating funds to provide critical animal health services—including spay and neuter surgeries and vaccinations—to animals in need.

Ending the Intensive Confinement of Egg-Laying Hens (Nevada)

Mandating hens be provided cage-free environments as well as vital enrichments (AB 399)
Nevada became the 9th state to pass a hen welfare bill when Governor Steve Sisolak signed AB 399 on June 4, 2021. The Animal Legal Defense Fund was glad to assist the broad coalition of organizations supporting this bill and engage advocates in Nevada.
Combatting Wildlife Trafficking (Connecticut)

Combatting Wildlife Trafficking (Connecticut)

An Act Prohibiting The Import, Sale And Possession Of African Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Black And White Rhinoceros & Giraffes
Restricts the import, possession, sale, or transportation of body parts of African elephants, lions, leopards, black rhinos, white rhinos, and giraffes in the state

Ag-Gag (Texas)

Creates an Ag-Gag Law in Texas (HB 1480/SB 472)
HB 1480/SB 472 would create an Ag-Gag law in Texas — preventing the public from learning about animal cruelty.
The Traveling Exotic Animal Safety Protection Act (Colorado)

The Traveling Exotic Animal Safety Protection Act (Colorado)

Prohibits certain wild animals, including big cats, bears, nonhuman primates, and elephants, from being used in circuses
The Traveling Animal Protection Act bans the use of certain wild animals, including big cats, bears, nonhuman primates, and elephants, in entertainment performances in circuses and traveling shows.
Roxy’s Law (New Mexico)

Roxy’s Law (New Mexico)

The Wildlife Conservation & Public Safety Act (SB 32)
Bans traps, snares, and poisons on public lands.

Recognizing the Right of Waterways to Be Free of Pollution (Orange County, Florida)

‘Right to Clean Water Initiative,’ Charter Question 1 — Public Vote
Recognizes waterways in Orange County, Florida have a right to exist, flow, be protected against pollution, and maintain a healthy ecosystem
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Protecting Wildlife from Harmful Poisons (California)

California Ecosystems Protection Act (AB 1788)
Places safeguards on the use of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides

Ending the Shark Fin Trade (Florida)

The Kristin Jacobs Ocean Conservation Act (SB 680)
Limiting the sale, import, and export of shark fins

Strengthening the State’s Retail Pet Sale Ban (California)

Bella’s Act (AB 2152)
Bella’s Act, AB 2152, strengthens California’s retail pet sale ban and helps ensure pet stores do not profit off animals bred in mills.
Updating Iowa’s Animal Protection Laws (Iowa)

Updating Iowa’s Animal Protection Laws (Iowa)

An Act relating to the regulation of persons involved with animals other than livestock and certain wild animals (HF 737)
Overhauls Iowa’s badly outdated animal protection laws

Upgrading Welfare Standards for Egg-Laying Hens (Colorado)

Egg-Laying Hen Confinement Standards (HB20-1343)
Ensures hens are able to engage in vital natural behaviors
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Empowering Veterinarians to Report Suspected Abuse (Kentucky)

An act relating to veterinarians (SB 21)
Permits veterinarians to report suspected cruelty.

Strengthening Protections for Carriage Horses Forced to Work in Extreme Heat (NYC)

The Carriage Horse Heat Relief Bill (Intro 1425)
Prohibits carriage horses from working when the heat index is 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

Banning the Sale of Foie Gras in New York City

Bans the sale or provision of certain force-fed poultry products (Intro 1378)
Bans the sale of foie gras in New York City.
Animal Possession Ban (Texas)

Animal Possession Ban (Texas)

Community supervision for defendants convicted of certain criminal offenses involving animals (SB 48 and HB 91)
SB 48 and HB 91 empower judges to prohibit people convicted of animal cruelty from future contact with animals.

Ending Intensive Confinement in California

Prop 12 – public vote
In 2018, Californians voted to enact Prop 12, taking another major step towards ending the intensive confinement of farmed animals.
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Stopping Unfair and Deceptive Pet Leasing Practices (Washington)

Concerning contracts for dogs and cats (HB 1476)
Effectively ends pet leasing schemes in the state by making pet leasing contracts void and unenforceable.

Ending Greyhound Racing in Florida

Amendment 13 – public vote
Ends the greyhound racing industry in Florida — ensuring that thousands of dogs will no longer be subjected to cruelty in the name of entertainment.

Montreal’s Proposed Pit Bull Ban

Montreal SPCA v City of Montreal
In 2016, the Animal Legal Defense Fund supported the Montreal SPCA in its efforts to overturn the city’s ban on “pit bull-type dogs.”
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Ending Cownose Ray Killing Contests (Maryland)

Cownose Ray Fishery Management Plan and Moratorium on Contests (SB 143/HB 213)
Enacts a moratorium on cownose ray killing contests in Maryland.