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  • The Animal Agriculture Industry: Liability Proof?

    Earlier this summer, the driver of a pig transport truck struck and killed longtime animal advocate Regan Russell. The circumstances regarding her death are not fully known to the public, but top to bottom, the animal agriculture industry is rarely held accountable.
    August 4, 2020 News
  • COVID-19 Response

    While the spread of COVID-19 continues, we must also prepare for — with the intention to prevent — the next pandemic
  • Impact Report: Quarter Two 2020

    This year has been busy for the Animal Legal Defense Fund! Join Stephen Wells, Executive Director, and Kathleen Schatzmann, Senior Legislative Affairs Manager, as they discuss current cases and projects, plus what’s planned for the rest of the year, with special focus on the Legislative Affairs Program.
  • Ann Jerome

    As Philanthropy Manager for the Central Region, Ann works with generous individuals from as far south as Louisiana through the middle of the country up to North Dakota who want to take a stand, make a…

  • Mike Andrade-Heymsfield

    As the Public Relations Specialist, Mike focuses on communicating with the media and external audiences on issues that are critical to the mission of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Mike earned his undergraduate degree in Mass…

  • COVID-19: Rethinking our Relationship with Animals

    With global outbreaks of zoonotic disease, like COVID-19, on the rise, it is imperative that we simultaneously mobilize to limit the staggering impact of the current pandemic and take action to mitigate our heightened risk from the next.
  • Kristian Connolly

    As the Digital Media Specialist, Kristian helps maintain and update content across the organization’s website, and manages email communications to members regarding advocacy and legislative activity in support of animals. Kristian holds a Bachelor’s degree in…

  • Industrial Animal Agriculture: Exploiting Workers and Animals

    The animal agriculture industry — which is primarily comprised of enormous, multinational corporations — profits from exploiting animals and humans alike.
    July 28, 2020 Legal Resource