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For over 40 years, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has worked relentlessly to end animal cruelty and injustice. As the only national animal protection organization dedicated exclusively to fighting animal cruelty using the power of the law, we’re leading the charge in establishing the basic legal protections animals need and deserve. Your tax-deductible donation today will help fight animal cruelty and save innocent animals’ lives.


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Monthly Giving

Monthly giving is an easy, tax-deductible way to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system all year long. Become a Partner in Protection today.
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Make a Legacy Gift

Plan your legacy gifts to make the greatest impact for animals! Leaving a legacy gift to the Animal Legal Defense Fund is a simple, yet significant contribution to a future where animals are better protected and are no longer the voiceless victims of abuse and neglect.

Join the Guardians Council

The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Guardians Council are generous supporters who donate cumulative gifts of $500 or more annually.
Looking for the perfect birthday or anniversary gift? Celebrating the holidays? Or congratulating a loved one on their graduation or promotion? By making a donation in honor of a special person or animal in your life, you’ll not only show that you care about them — but that you also care about making our society a better place for animals.
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Memorial Gifts

Celebrate the life of a beloved person or companion animal with a Memorial gift today. Gifts made in remembrance not only honor your loved one’s memory, but also helps ensure a better life for animals in need.

Gift a Membership

For $25, your recipient receives a one-year subscription to the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s newsletter, The Animals’ Advocate, while the Animal Legal Defense Fund receives the support needed to continue our work towards winning the case against cruelty.
Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-Advised Funds

You can help make a difference for animals by providing the financial support that empowers the Animal Legal Defense Fund to act swiftly and effectively whenever animals’ lives or interests are at risk.

Gifts of Stock or Securities

Leaving a gift of stock to the Animal Legal Defense Fund is a simple, yet significant, contribution to a future where animals have a more protected place in our society, where they are not just voiceless victims of abuse and neglect.
Third Party Fundraising

Third Party Fundraising

A third party fundraising activity is defined as an activity held by supporters, donors, community members, or businesses unaffiliated with, and in support of, the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Hold Your Own Online Fundraiser

Share your love for animals by holding your own fundraiser for the Animal Legal Defense Fund! There are several easy and fun tools that you can use to hold your own successful fundraiser and get your friends and family involved in animal protection.

Combined Federal Campaign

Your government employer makes it easy for you to help your favorite charities by deducting a small gift each pay period.
We accept donations of any vehicle, from any location, and use the proceeds of your vehicle’s sale to help protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization (our EIN number is 94-2681680) that advocates for greater legal protections for animals. We rely almost entirely on individual, tax-deductible contributions from caring members and donors like you.

Mail-in donations may be sent to:

Animal Legal Defense Fund
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