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  • Washington State Supreme Court Rules Animal Cruelty Can Be a Crime of Domestic Violence

    On February 8, 2022, the Washington State Supreme Court issued a decision in the case State v. Charmarke Abdi-Issa, holding that animal cruelty could be designated a crime of domestic violence, and that an animal’s guardian could be considered a victim of the crime.
    March 9, 2022 News
  • Lawsuit Filed Against Pennsylvania Roadside Zoo Results in Rescue of Eight Animals

    Thanks to Animal Legal Defense Fund supporters, a tiger named Nila, two lions — Buddy and Missa, two ring-tailed lemurs, a Mikado pheasant, a military macaw, and a blue-and-gold macaw will at last have access to species-appropriate habitats and enrichment.
    February 2, 2022 News
  • Show Us Your Animal Friend’s Special Talent!

    Does your furry, feathered, or scaled companion have a hidden talent? Can your pooch do a special trick or lift the biggest stick? Does your feline friend have the funniest meow? Show us!
  • Animal Protection Bills to Watch in Massachusetts

    Massachusetts is considering a number of significant animal protection bills this 2021-22 legislative session. The Animal Legal Defense Fund is supporting several priority bills.
    December 22, 2021 News
  • Reddit AMA

    November 4th, 2021 12:00pm ET
  • Memorial Gifts

    Celebrate the life of a beloved person or companion animal with a Memorial gift today. Gifts made in remembrance not only honor your loved one's memory, but also helps ensure a better life for animals in need.
  • Donate to Honor Someone Special

    Looking for the perfect birthday or anniversary gift? Celebrating the holidays? Or congratulating a loved one on their graduation or promotion? By making a donation in honor of a special person or animal in your life, you’ll not only show that you care about them — but that you also care about making our society a better place for animals.
  • Join the Guardians Council

    The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Guardians Council are generous supporters who donate cumulative gifts of $500 or more annually.
  • Free Holiday eCards

    Send an Animal Legal Defense Fund eCard to someone special this holiday season! Choose from six different styles.
  • Animal Exploiter: Robert Sawmiller

    For years, captive wild animals have suffered in the care of traveling zoo operator Robert Sawmiller. On December 9, 2020 two wolves and a Labrador named Fancy were rescued and transported to sanctuary through legal action brought by the Animal Legal Defense Fund.