Filing High Impact Lawsuits that Expand the Protections for Animals Under the Law

The Litigation Program files high-impact lawsuits against individuals and industries that exploit animals, including factory farms, puppy mills, research laboratories, and roadside zoos. We litigate cases in state and federal courts with the goal of stopping abusive practices and setting ground-breaking precedent that will establish justice for animals in the legal system. In addition to suing animal abusers, we often sue state and federal governments and agencies to invalidate laws and regulations that harm animals; and we intervene in litigation to defend animal protection laws when they are under siege from industries that abuse animals.


Defending California’s Proposition 12 Against Iowa Industry Group’s Challenge

The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s coalition is helping defend Prop 12, California’s landmark farmed animal protection law.
Justice the horse

Justice the Horse Sues Abuser

In 2018, the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a groundbreaking lawsuit on behalf of an 8-year-old horse named Justice. If successful, this lawsuit will be the first to establish that animals have a legal right to sue their abusers in court.

Recent Victories


Challenging Kansas’s Ag-Gag Law

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit in Kansas challenging the constitutionality of the state’s Ag-Gag law, which makes it a crime to document animal cruelty at factory farms and slaughterhouses.
Challenging Cricket Hollow Zoo’s Treatment of Animals (2018)

Challenging Cricket Hollow Zoo’s Treatment of Animals (2018)

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit alleging Cricket Hollow Zoo violates state public nuisance law by routinely mistreating hundreds of animals in violation of Iowa’s animal cruelty laws.

Challenging Backyard Butchers in Florida

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit to shut down four black market backyard slaughter operations outside of Fort Myers, Florida.
dog puppy mills

Challenging the Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs – Barkworks Class Action

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a class action lawsuit against pet store chain Barkworks, on behalf of puppy purchasers harmed by the company’s illegal and deceptive practices in selling puppy mill dogs.




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