The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s mission is to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.

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Kim Basinger Urges Craigslist to Ban Posts with Animals

Numerous personal stories reveal abuse and cruel treatment of animals obtained via the platform

Washington State Court Urged to Uphold Visitation Agreement for Family Dogs in Divorce Appeal

The Animal Legal Defense Fund files amicus brief in divorce case concerning custody and visitation of companion animals

Wisconsin Roadside Zoo Owner and Manager Banned from Possessing and Working with Animals

The court’s decision ensures Special Memories Zoo is permanently closed following Animal Legal Defense Fund lawsuit

Era of Exploiting Tigers Onstage Ends with Siegfried Fischbacher’s Passing

Fischbacher, with his business partner Roy Horn, ran an infamous Las Vegas show that forced white tigers and lions to perform tricks in front of large audiences.

Bill Banning Private Possession of Big Cats Reintroduced in House of Representatives

The Big Cat Public Safety Act would help end the rampant abuse of tigers and other big cats in captivity

Animal Exploiter: Robert Sawmiller

For years, captive wild animals have suffered in the care of traveling zoo operator Robert Sawmiller

Animals Rescued and Removed from Wildlife Trafficker and Exhibitor

Sawmiller conducted business under the name Wildlife on Wheels, which included breeding and exhibiting wild animals while running a puppy mill

House Votes to Ban Private Possession of Big Cats

The Big Cat Public Safety Act prohibits private possession of tigers, lions, and other big cats to prevent animal cruelty and protect the public
Adult Canada Goose

Lawsuit Challenges USDA Redaction of Geese Culling Contract

Lawsuit alleges the concealment of expected number and payment per bird slaughtered is illegal

New White Paper Offers Policy Recommendations to Combat Zoonotic Diseases and Pandemic Risk from Factory Farming

The Animal Legal Defense Fund asserts industrial animal agriculture harms humans, animals and the environment — and serves as breeding ground for pathogens