The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s mission is to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.

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Infamous Tiger Truck Stop Demolishes Cage That Held Tony the Tiger

Challenge to the constitutionality of Louisiana’s big cat ban still in court

Whistleblowers Sought as COVID-19 Ravages Industrial Animal Agriculture Industry

Joaquin Phoenix partners with the Animal Legal Defense Fund to offer online tip portal
New White Paper Identifies Root Causes of Zoonotic Disease: Animal Exploitation

New White Paper Identifies Root Causes of Zoonotic Disease: Animal Exploitation

The Animal Legal Defense Fund asserts human-animal interactions in multiple industries exacerbate pandemic risk

Court Greenlights First Amendment Case Against California Department of Food and Agriculture

Court denies agency’s motion to dismiss challenge over unconstitutional restrictions placed on plant-based dairy producer Miyoko’s

Pet Store Shuts Down as Lawsuit Continues Against Other Puppy Launderers

Animal Legal Defense Fund continues work to combat puppy mills and ensure California’s ‘retail pet sale ban‘ is enforced
Reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible

Emergency Petition Filed with FDA to Suspend Ractopamine Approval

As the pandemic leads to reduced capacity at slaughterhouses, prolonged use of drug increases risk of harm

Lawsuit Filed Against FDA Over Drug Approval of Experior

Beta-agonists known to cause adverse health effects in animals

Animal Advocates Prevail Against Vallejo Puppy Mill Following Lawsuit

The Animal Legal Defense Fund will seek a permanent injunction to rescue any remaining dogs