Strengthening Laws that Protect Animals and Striking Down Laws Hurting Animals

The Animal Legal Defense Fund works at the federal, state and local levels to advance important legislation. We advocate for laws that promote or protect the lives and interests of animals, and we oppose legislation that would be detrimental to animals’ well-being.

We also work closely with the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s other programs to identify opportunities to create model legislation that address strategic legal issues in the areas of civil and criminal law, and monitor legislation that impacts animals at the federal, state, and local levels.

Federal Bills


Goldie’s Act (Federal)

Amend the AWA to increase USDA enforcement of violations
Named for a golden retriever, Goldie’s Act would amend the AWA to require the USDA enforce strengthened regulations set forth in the proposed bill.
White rabbit

The Humane Cosmetics Act (Federal)

Federal Legislation
Substantially restricts the use of animal testing for cosmetic products

The Healthy Future Students and Earth Act Would Expand Student Access to Healthful Foods

Federal Legislation
The Healthy Future Students and Earth Act would provide grant funding to schools wishing to expand student access to these plant-based food options.

Oppose: The EATS Act Would Undermine State Farmed Animal Protection Laws

Federal Legislation
The EATS Act would undermine states’ ability to enact laws affecting agricultural practices, jeopardizing numerous state-level farmed animal protection laws.


State Bills

State-level advocacy actions are available for those states in session. Each state has its own legislative schedule, holding sessions on predefined intervals.

Cat Declaw Bill (Rhode Island)

Cat Declaw Bill (Rhode Island)

S.B. 403
This bill would ban cat declawing in Rhode Island, with an exemption for situations in which the procedure is necessary for a legitimate medical purpose for the well-being of the cat.
An Act Prohibiting Inhumane Feline Declawing (Massachusetts)

An Act Prohibiting Inhumane Feline Declawing (Massachusetts)

S. 190
This bill would prohibit cat declawing except as a medical necessity to protect the cat’s health.

Providing Shelter to Companion Animals in Disasters (California)

A.B. 781
This bill would require counties in California to designate emergency shelters that can accommodate companion animals.
Expanding Cruelty-Free Testing (California)

Expanding Cruelty-Free Testing (California)

A.B. 357
This bill would prohibit manufacturers and contract testing facilities from testing on animals in California when an appropriate “alternative test method or strategy” exists, or a waiver has been granted by the relevant regulatory agency

An Act Relative to Pesticides (Massachusetts)

H. 3900 Amendment #222
This amendment in the state budget bill for fiscal year 2024, H.3900, will prioritize science-based animal management and reduce the use of rodenticides.
kittens in carrier

Mass Animal Fund (Massachusetts)

H. 3900 Amendment #139/S. 3 Amendments ENV #4 & #8
This amendment in the state budget bill for fiscal year 2024, H.3900/S.3, will allocate $100,000 to critical companion animal health services.


Recent Victories

deer in the woods

Fund the study and creation of wildlife crossings (New Mexico)

Wildlife Corridors Act (S.B. 72)
Will establish a wildlife corridor fund to be administered by New Mexico’s Department of Transportation

Protecting Animals from Sexual Abuse (New Mexico)

S.B. 215
Creates the crime of bestiality and establishes a post-conviction animal possession ban, among other provisions
American Black Bear

Protect Wildlife with Safe Crossings (Massachusetts)

Wildlife Crossings Project Provision of the Transportation Bond Bill (SEC 40 of H.5151)
Requires study of the feasibility of and creating an action plan for wildlife crossings projects in the Commonwealth
An act to add Section 122191 to the Health and Safety Code, relating to online pet retailers
This California state bill prohibits the financing of purchases of dogs and cats, often used in the sale of animals bred in puppy or kitten mills and sold online.


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