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Elected officials want to hear from you. This is an easy way to look up your elected officials and their contact information.

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Before contacting your elected officials about improving your state’s animal protection laws, take a look at these resources developed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund:

Many of the authorities who set the tone and carry out the work of animal abuse criminal prosecutions are elected officials-usually through the county government system. There is benefit to approaching these officials proactively, regardless of what animal cruelty case(s) may or may not be making the news.

Contact them in person or by letter, politely letting them know that, as a voting citizen, you expect and appreciate that animal abuse cases receive thorough investigation and vigorous prosecution. Let them know that the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Criminal Justice Program provides free legal assistance to prosecutors and law enforcement officers who are handling these cases. Try to keep letters to one page, and if you make an appointment to meet with them, please be respectful of their very real time limitations.

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