An Act to Increase Kennel Safety (Massachusetts)

S. 1309/H. 2019

This bill, also known as Ollie’s Law, would require the state to promulgate minimum standards for certain types of kennels such as daycares, boarding facilities, and breeding kennels.


June 21, 2023

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund supports this bill.

Sponsors: State Sen. Mark Montigny (D-2nd Bristol and Plymouth), Rep. Brian Ashe (D-2nd Hampden
Introduction Date: January 19, 2023

Ollie’s Law (S. 1309/H. 2019) would protect both animals and families by requiring the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources to establish reasonable rules and regulations for boarding kennels, daycare facilities, and higher-volume breeding kennels. Such regulations would address minimum housing and care requirements as well as providing greater transparency and reporting of injuries to animals or people.

This bill would also:

  • establish an advisory committee to advise on kennel regulations;
  • increase guidance for animal control officers conducting investigations; and
  • provide municipalities with clear language outlining the allowable maximum number of animals at the facility and requiring that municipalities issue and revoke kennel licenses when appropriate.

Massachusetts currently has no state oversight of dog breeding kennels or boarding or daycare kennels. The only existing requirement is for anyone with more than four dogs to obtain a kennel license from the city or town. As a result, kennel oversight varies significantly from municipality to municipality.

Too many Massachusetts families have suffered tragedies with their companion animals at daycare and boarding facilities in incidents that may have been avoidable with appropriate staff-to-dog ratios or access to veterinary care.

Why is this law important? This legislation would protect both animals and consumers by requiring the state to promulgate minimum standards for certain types of kennels.

Coalition Support: The grassroots Ollie’s Law Coalition, including families who have lost companions at daycare and boarding facilities; JM Pet Resort; MSPCA; and Animal Rescue League of Boston​

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