Facilitating the Adoption of Dogs and Cats Retired from Laboratories (Massachusetts)

An Act Protecting Research Animals (H.758, H.764, and S.534)

Known as the “Beagle Bill,” An Act Protecting Research Animals (H.758, H.764, and S.534) would require that dogs and cats at research institutions or product testing facilities be offered for adoption through a non-profit animal shelter or rescue or through private placement once the research ends, if a necropsy is not mandated.

Other states across the country, including California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, and New York, have enacted similar laws. People who have adopted retired research dogs and cats can attest that these animals flourish once they are out of a lab setting. Every dog and cat deserves the chance to be a part of a family – this bill moves Massachusetts one step closer to that goal.

The bill is sponsored by State Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr and State Representatives Carolyn Dykema and Michelle DuBois.

If you live in Massachusetts, take action and urge your legislators to support this bill.

Senior Legislative Affairs Manager Stephanie Harris testifying before the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources, and Ag. in support of the Beagle Bill and a bill to restrict the sale of ivory and rhino horn in the state.