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Report Illegal Foie Gras Sales in California

After a long legal battle, California’s foie gras ban is in full effect, and restaurants and stores are now unambiguously barred from selling the cruelly-produced, high-priced “gourmet” delicacy made from the liver of a duck or goose.

Ducks used by the foie gras industry suffer immensely. Foie gras producers force-feed birds until their livers swell to many times their normal size, inducing hepatic lipidosis, a painful and often fatal disease.

We need your help in identifying California restaurants and retailers that are flouting the foie gras law.

If you see foie gras in restaurants or stores, please report your sighting of illegal foie gras to the police, then fill out the submission form below and submit your photos to help us ensure this anti-cruelty measure is being followed and protecting ducks as it is meant to.

Report Illegal Foie Gras Sales in California

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