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  • Sandy Haynes

    Sandy manages all online and offline processing functions for the Animal Legal Defense Fund, as well as membership databases, including creating strategies to optimize performance and data integrity to best support the organization’s evolving needs. She…

  • Daniel Waltz

    As staff attorney for the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Daniel Waltz develops creative legal strategies to advocate for improved welfare and increased protections for animals. Daniel first worked with the Animal Legal Defense Fund as a…

  • Amanda Howell

    As a staff attorney for the Animal Legal Defense Fund Amanda Howell uses her background in strategic impact litigation to help us win big for animals. Prior to joining us, Amanda’s career was focused on improving the…

  • Paula Mullen

    As the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Executive Administrator, Paula Mullen is responsible for the coordination and oversight of all administrative activities of the Executive Director’s office and the Board of Directors. Paula has been involved in…

  • Young Advocate Action Kit

    You can be an advocate for animals at any age. Check out ideas of how you can get involved.
  • Laws that Protect Animals

    In the United States, animal protection laws can be enacted and enforced at every level of government. Most animal protection legislation happens at the state level.
  • Criminal Justice

    Collaborating with Prosecutors and Law Enforcement on Animal Cruelty Cases
  • Animal Neglect Facts

    Animal neglect is the failure to provide basic care required for an animal to thrive. At first glance, such cases may seem less egregious than a single, brutal act of violent abuse, but severe neglect can mean extended periods of extreme suffering.
  • Film Screening Suggestions

    A list of suggested movies, TV shows, and lectures for viewing.
  • Animal Law 101

    Simply defined, animal law is the combination of statutory and case law that relates to or has an impact on nonhuman animals. It encompasses companion animals, wildlife, and animals used in entertainment, research, and raised for food.