Litigation – List of Cases

Filing High Impact Lawsuits that Expand the Protections for Animals Under the Law

The Litigation Program files high-impact lawsuits against individuals and industries that exploit animals, including factory farms, puppy mills, research laboratories, and roadside zoos. We litigate cases in state and federal courts with the goal of stopping abusive practices and setting ground-breaking precedent that will establish justice for animals in the legal system. In addition to suing animal abusers, we often sue state and federal governments and agencies to invalidate laws and regulations that harm animals; and we intervene in litigation to defend animal protection laws when they are under siege from industries that abuse animals.


Revoke Permit for Tony the Truck Stop Tiger

In 2011 the Animal Legal Defense Fund successfully sued the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, arguing that granting a permit to exhibit Tony violated state and local laws including Louisiana’s 2006 ban on private ownership of big cats.

Argument for an Animals’ Intrinsic Value

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed amicus briefs in two consolidated California cases, in which the issue at stake was whether a plaintiff could recover veterinary expenses if those expenses exceeded the market value of the animal.

The Woodley Case

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a ground breaking lawsuit against a hoarder using a unique North Carolina provision, the 19A Statute, which allows citizens to bring civil charges against abusers for violating animal cruelty.

Urging the Court to Consider Animals’ Value

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed an amicus brief in a Washington state case stemming from the death of a toy poodle. Our brief asked the court to hold that the plaintiffs should be entitled to recover more than a dog’s “market value.”

Supreme Court: Military Sonar Effect on Marine Life

The Supreme Court addressed the legality of military sonar exercises believed to cause significant harm to marine life, including whales and dolphins. The Animal Legal Defense Fund submitted an amicus brief.

Challenge of Denver, CO Pitbull Ban

In 2008, the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed an amicus curiae brief in a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality Denver’s ban on pit bulls.

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