Litigation – List of Cases

Filing High Impact Lawsuits that Expand the Protections for Animals Under the Law

The Litigation Program files high-impact lawsuits against individuals and industries that exploit animals, including factory farms, puppy mills, research laboratories, and roadside zoos. We litigate cases in state and federal courts with the goal of stopping abusive practices and setting ground-breaking precedent that will establish justice for animals in the legal system. In addition to suing animal abusers, we often sue state and federal governments and agencies to invalidate laws and regulations that harm animals; and we intervene in litigation to defend animal protection laws when they are under siege from industries that abuse animals.


Animaland Zoological Park

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed suit against Animaland Zoological Park for violations of the Endangered Species Act and state wildlife protection laws, prompting the facility to close its doors forever and release animals to sanctuaries.
White rabbit

Challenging Biotech Company’s Treatment of Animals in Research

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a complaint on behalf of Stop Animal Exploitation Now against Santa Cruz Biotechnology in a groundbreaking lawsuit against an animal research facility under California’s animal cruelty law and Unfair Competition Law.
Restricting SeaWorld’s Ability to Breed Orcas in California

Restricting SeaWorld’s Ability to Breed Orcas in California

In 2016, Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a motion to intervene in the SeaWorld v. California Coastal Commission lawsuit in California state court. We sought to uphold a permit condition imposed on SeaWorld, that restricts breeding and transfer of orcas.

War on Wildlife Services: Monterey County

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit in state court challenging Monterey County, California’s contract renewal with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services.

Seeking Enforcement of Pennsylvania’s Dog Law

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture when the agency weakened minimum standards for commercial dog breeders.

Challenge Mendocino County, CA Contract with Wildlife Services

The Animal Legal Defense Fund sued Mendocino County, California, for violating the California Environmental Quality Act by renewing a contract with the federal wildlife-killing program known as Wildlife Services.

Increasing Safety Measures After Cat Haven Zoo Death

The Animal Legal Defense Fund intervenes in Cat Haven Zoo’s appeal of a California Division of Occupational Safety special order, spurring a settlement and the addition of important safety measures at the zoo.

Challenging St. Louis’ Horse-Drawn Carriage Industry’s Animal Welfare Practices

In 2014, the Animal Legal Defense Fund sued the St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission for failing to enforce legal regulations against the city’s horse-drawn carriage industry.

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