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Using Local Legislation to Protect Animals: Animal Control Ordinances

Using Local Legislation to Protect Animals: Animal Control Ordinances

5/11/21 12-1pm PT
In this webinar Senior Staff Attorney David Rosengard and Campaigns Manager Elizabeth Holtz will discuss common provisions in animal control ordinances, including humane caregiving, tethering, and vehicle rescue (sometimes called “hot car” laws).


Animal Law Update

The Animal Law Update is a series highlighting legal and policy developments in the rapidly emerging field of animal law.

The global “rights of nature” movement — which seeks to secure legal rights, including standing, for features of the environment like rivers, forests, and ecosystems — continues to advance with two significant developments in North America.
Madras High Court Uses Child Custody Approach to Resolve Dispute Over Legal Ownership of Elephant
In October 2020, the Madras High Court in India resolved an “ownership” dispute involving an elephant named Lalitha using the “best interests” standard used in child custody cases.


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