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Texas: Tell the Sunset Commission to Keep Protections for Dogs in Puppy Mills

This action is for Texas residents only.

The Texas Sunset Commission is on the verge of rolling back critical legal protections for dogs in puppy mills. Your voice is needed to ensure this doesn’t happen.

The 2011 Texas Dog & Cat Breeder Act empowered the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to regulate conditions in large-scale dog and cat breeding facilities. But now the Sunset Commission, which makes recommendations to the legislature about agencies, has concluded that the program is no longer necessary.

Thousands of Texans asked for this law nearly a decade ago, and it has been essential to protecting dogs, cats, and families across the state. Please take a few minutes today to send a message telling the Sunset Commission that you support regulating commercial dog breeding facilities.

Follow these steps to submit a comment:

  1. Fill out the submission form on the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission website
  2. Under “Your Comments About the Staff Report, Including Recommendations Supported or Opposed,” you can use the below statement:
    1. Please do not roll back protections for dogs in puppy mills and dismantle the Licensed Breeder Program. Dogs in puppy mills need our protection.
  3. Under “Any Alternative or New Recommendations on This Agency,” you can use the below statement:
    1. Instead of dismantling the Program, the legislature should instead strengthen it to better protect animals and families considering purchasing a puppy. Specifically, the requirement that only breeders selling 20 or more puppies and kittens be licensed should be removed because most sales are untracked cash transactions—making it near impossible to determine how many animals a breeder sells. Second, currently only breeders with 11 or more adult, intact female animals must be licensed. That number should be lowered to five (in line with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s requirement) to ensure all large-scale breeding facilities are being properly regulated.
  4. Thank you for speaking up for dogs in puppy mills!

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