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Add your voice to the Animal Legal Defense Fund's initiatives to improve the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund works at the federal, state and local levels to advance important legislation. We advocate for laws that promote or protect the lives and interests of animals, and we oppose legislation that would be detrimental to animals’ well-being.

National Actions


United States: Protect State Anti-Cruelty Laws

The factory farming industry is seeking to overturn California’s landmark farmed animal protection law, Proposition 12. Help us urge the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to support this important law.

Support the Big Cat Public Safety Act (U.S.)

The Big Cat Public Safety Act would help end the rampant abuse of big cats across the U.S. by prohibiting the private possession of these animals and making it illegal for exhibitors to allow direct contact with cubs.  

United States: Support the Farm System Reform Act

The Farm System Reform Act would overhaul the United States’ cruel and environmentally destructive animal agricultural industry, in part, by placing a moratorium on building or expanding the largest factory farms.

United States: Help Provide Student Access to Healthy Cruelty-Free Food

Urge your representative to support the Healthy Future Students and Earth Act which would provide voluntary grant funding to schools, enabling them to add nutrient-rich, environmentally friendlier plant-based options to their menus.

Donate to Protect Animals

Help animals win the legal protections they so desperately need and deserve, and ensure they have an advocate in courtrooms and legislatures across the country.

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State Actions

Check for state-level actions you can take:


Massachusetts: Help Animals Used in Research

Ask your state legislators to provide an opportunity for dogs and cats used in research to find loving homes once their time in a research laboratory has come to an end by supporting An Act Protecting Research Animals.
Massachusetts: Ask Your State Legislators to Ban Fur Sales

Massachusetts: Ask Your State Legislators to Ban Fur Sales

An Act Prohibiting the Sale of Fur Products (H.965/S.623) would ban the sale of new fur products, including clothing, fashion accessories, and home décor, in the Commonwealth. Urge your legislators to support this bill.

Massachusetts: Help Wild Animals Exploited by Circuses

An Act Relative to the Use of Elephants, Big Cats, Primates, Giraffes, and Bears in Traveling Exhibits (H.3776/S.2251) would prohibit the use of certain animals in circuses and traveling shows in Massachusetts. Urge your legislators to support this bill.

Massachusetts: Protect Puppies and Kittens

An Act Protecting the Health and Safety of Puppies and Kittens in Cities and Towns, would protect animals and consumers by banning the sale of puppies and kittens under 8 weeks of age; prohibiting the sale of animals in parking lots, flea markets, and similar venues; and updating rules governing commercial kennels, among other improvements.

Massachusetts: Help Dogs Stay with Their Families

An Act to Maintain Stable Housing for Families with Pets in an Economic Crisis and Beyond (H.1437/S.885) would help ensure that companion animals and their families can stay together both during and after the pandemic.

Massachusetts: Ask Your State Representative to Help Protect Animals from Rat Poisons

An Act relative to pesticides (H.3991) would restrict the use of rat poisons (rodenticides) in Massachusetts by mandating an approach to human-animal encounters that minimizes risks to humans, wild animals, and the environment on public lands. Urge your legislators to support this bill.

Massachusetts: Urge Your State Legislators to Protect the Welfare of Egg-Laying Hens

An Act to upgrade hen welfare and establish uniform cage-free standards (S.2481) mandates enriched cage-free conditions for egg-laying hens and expands the application of this standard to even more hens whose eggs are sold in the Commonwealth. It already passed the Senate and is now before the House. Urge your representative to support this bill.

Massachusetts: Keep Animals Away from Abusers

An Act Relative to Protecting Animals From Abusers (H.1824/S.1111) would prohibit a person convicted of certain animal cruelty crimes — including torture, mutilation, and dogfighting — from possessing, adopting, or fostering an animal for at least five years.

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Stop Ag-Gag Laws

Undercover investigations and whistleblowers have exposed some of the worst aspects of factory farming, but Ag-Gag laws punish people who speak out about cruelty in animal agriculture. Voice your opposition.

No More Puppy Mills

Puppy mill operators maximize their profits by producing large numbers of puppies as quickly as possible. As a result, unsanitary conditions, disease, and neglect are rampant. Sign our pledge to boycott puppy mills. Together we can end cruel puppy mills.