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Massachusetts: Ban Cat Declawing

This action is for Massachusetts residents only.

Take action for Massachusetts cats today!

An Act Prohibiting Inhumane Feline Declawing (S. 2552) would ban cat declawing in Massachusetts, except in rare situations of medical necessity to address an existing or recurring infection, disease, injury, or abnormal condition in the claw that jeopardizes the cat’s health.

Declawing is an invasive surgical procedure in which the last bone of a cat’s toes is amputated — similar to severing a human finger at the last knuckle. It is commonly performed for human convenience, rather than for the cat’s well-being — indeed, it can cause lifelong physical problems for cats and lead to behavioral issues, such as biting and aggression, which the cat may resort to because they have been stripped of their primary defense mechanism.

Contact your legislators today and urge them to support this important animal protection bill! We’ve provided sample text below, but remember, personalized messages are the most effective.

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