CLE Materials

Animal Law Symposium: Oklahoma City

The symposium presenters submitted the following materials. The materials, although not necessarily written by the individual speakers, are relevant to their panel topics and will be applicable to attorneys seeking continuing legal education (CLE) credits for attending the symposium.

Caged Cats and Privately Owned Primates:
The Captive Wildlife Problem in the United States

Cricket Hollow Zoo Nuisance Judgement.pdf
HR 1380 Big Cat Public Safety Act.pdf
HR 1776 Captive Primate Safety Act.pdf
HR 4348 PAW and FIN Conservation Act.pdf
Kuehl v. Sellner (8th Circuit US Court of Appeals).pdf
Oklahoma Public Nuisance Judgment.pdf
S 2491 PAW and FIN Conservation Act.pdf
S 2561 Big Cat Public Safety Act.pdf
S 2562 Captive Primate Safety Act.pdf

Pitfalls, Progress, and Possibilities:
The Trajectory of Puppy Mill Regulation

ALDF Puppy Laundering Article.pdf
Oregon HB 2470.pdf
Oregon HB 2804.pdf
Oregon Legislative Counsel Opinion.pdf

Farmed Animals and the Law:
Challenges and Opportunities for Change

Beyond the Law_Agribusiness and the Systemic Abuse of Animals Raised for Food Production.pdf
California Farm Animal Cruelty Law.pdf
Large-scale Farmed Animal Abuse and Neglect Law and its Enforcement.pdf
Oklahoma Statutes.pdf
Statutory Excerpts from Iowa and Texas_Contrast Treatment of Animals and Livestock.pdf

The Link:
The Connection Between Cruelty to Animals and Violence Toward Humans

Palomar Brochure.pdf
Palomar Oklahoma State Statutes.pdf
Palomar Safety Planning for Pets.pdf
The Oklahoma Link Coalition Brochure.pdf
The Oklahoma Link Coalition Fact Sheet.pdf
The Power and Control Wheel of Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence.jpg

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