Jobs, clerkships, pro bono opportunities, and animal law related events around the country offer a wide variety of ways for law students and professionals to participate in the growing field …

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What can you do to help animals? Cruelty-free food and shopping choices help support our legal mission to protect animals.

Find the tools you need to effectively communicate with law enforcement, veterinarians, and legislators about animal issues that are important to you.

ALDF provides the legal resources necessary for rescuers and shelters dealing with the overwhelming numbers of sick and abandoned animals struggling for survival during disasters.

Whether by an acute act of violence or by chronic neglect, animal cruelty is a crime in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Below are some resources to help …

Pet custody concerns during a divorce, dangerous dog declarations, landlord/tenant disputes over companion animals and how to include animals in your will are a few of the issues covered in …

It can be disturbing-and heartbreaking-to witness an act of animal cruelty. Whether it be an acute act of violence or chronic neglect, find out what you can do when you …

A comprehensive collection of animal law pleadings, cases, ALDF reports and other resources addressing animal law issues.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is the preeminent organization supporting law students, attorneys, prosecutors, law enforcement, and legislators. If you are putting your legal expertise to work on behalf of …

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