Updates about legal issues facing animals in the state

The Animal Legal Defense Fund works at the federal, state and local levels to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals.

Animal Protection Laws Ranking

Each year, the Animal Legal Defense Fund publishes its U.S. State Animal Protection Laws Rankings Report. Each state is ranked based on 20 different categories of animal protection.

Overall Rank: #11 (Top Tier)

  • +Sexual assault statute is adequately defined, addressed related crimes, and is a sex offense
  • +Sentence enhancements for repeat animal abusers and cases involving multiple animals
  • +Court may order pre-conviction forfeiture of cruelly treated animals
  • -Social services professionals are not required to report suspected animal cruelty
  • -Limited definition of “animal”

Legislative Session

Active Legislation


Relating to the licensing and regulation of dog and cat breeders (Texas)

H.B. 2238/S.B. 876
This bill would amend the licensing requirements for dog and cat breeders in Texas.

An Act Relating to the Sale of Dogs and Cats by Pet Stores (Texas)

H.B. 870/S.B. 1989
Would prohibit pet stores across the state from selling dogs and cats. Instead, stores would be encouraged to partner with animal shelters and rescue organizations to offer animals for adoption.

Active Cases

Nischala the tiger at Tiger Creek

Challenging Tiger Creek for Violating the Endangered Species Act

The Animal Legal Defense Fund sent notice to the National Foundation for Rescued Animals, a purported animal rescue organization doing business as Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary, as well as Brian Werner Ferris and Emily Owen, for allegedly violating the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

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Stop Ag-Gag Laws

Undercover investigations and whistleblowers have exposed some of the worst aspects of factory farming, but Ag-Gag laws punish people who speak out about cruelty in animal agriculture. Voice your opposition.

No More Puppy Mills

Puppy mill operators maximize their profits by producing large numbers of puppies as quickly as possible. As a result, unsanitary conditions, disease, and neglect are rampant. Sign our pledge to boycott puppy mills. Together we can end cruel puppy mills.
Using Local Legislation to Protect Animals

Using Local Legislation to Protect Animals

Want to take the next step in your animal advocacy? Learn the skills you need to pass laws protecting animals at the local level! Local laws are critical – not only do they help individual animals in your community but prime state legislation.
Using Local Legislation to Protect Animals: Prohibiting Circuses and Traveling Shows that Exploit Animals

Using Local Legislation to Protect Animals: Prohibiting Circuses and Traveling Shows that Exploit Animals

Learn how wild animals are exploited in circuses and traveling shows, and how you can help!
Using Local Legislation to Protect Animals: Fur Bans

Using Local Legislation to Protect Animals: Fur Bans

Learn how to fight back against the cruel fur industry by passing a fur ban in your community! Led by Animal Legal Defense Fund Campaigns Manager Elizabeth Holtz, this webinar will walk you through the mechanics of fur production, the policy issues, including animal cruelty, environmental impacts, and public health, and more.

Recent Victories


Ag-Gag (Texas)

Creates an Ag-Gag Law in Texas (HB 1480/SB 472)
HB 1480/SB 472 would create an Ag-Gag law in Texas — preventing the public from learning about animal cruelty.
Animal Possession Ban (Texas)

Animal Possession Ban (Texas)

Community supervision for defendants convicted of certain criminal offenses involving animals (SB 48 and HB 91)
SB 48 and HB 91 empower judges to prohibit people convicted of animal cruelty from future contact with animals.

Fighting to Bring Kristen Lindsey to Justice

Veterinarian Kristen Lindsey shot and killed her neighbor's cat Tiger with a bow and arrow. Afterward, Lindsey posted a photo to Facebook of herself with Tiger's corpse, the arrow protruding from his head. She bragged in the post about killing the cat.
elephant captivity

Lucky the Lonely Elephant

The Animal Legal Defense Fund sued the San Antonio Zoo in 2015 under the Endangered Species Act, due to the zoo’s decision to keep an Asian elephant named Lucky socially isolated from any other elephants and inhumane conditions.