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The Animal Legal Defense Fund provides these resources to help you learn how animal protection laws function within the legal system.

Animals and the Law

The field of animal law is complex. Use these articles as a guide to understand the fundamentals.

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What You Can Do

Do you need help with a specific legal situation involving an animal? Our guides below are provided with that end in mind.

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Other Resources


Your Experience and Knowledge May Qualify You as an Expert Witness

The federal rules of evidence, which govern the introduction of evidence in proceedings in federal court, state that an individual can qualify as an expert witness based on her knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education.

The Legal Process In The United States: A Criminal Case

This summary is a general overview about criminal cases. It covers the key stages and will briefly explain what might happen in court.

Young Advocate Action Kit

You can be an advocate for animals at any age. Check out ideas of how you can get involved.
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Egg Labeling Regulations Guide

Americans care about animals. That is why, more and more, consumers are demanding better treatment for animals raised for food: including egg laying chickens.

Animal Testing: Models for Improvement

While animal testing is still far too prevalent, some countries and states have implemented laws that reduce the number of animals used in laboratory experiments.

The Legal Process In The United States: A Civil Case

What is a civil lawsuit, and how does such a lawsuit proceed through the legal system? This is a general overview about civil lawsuits. It covers the main steps along the way, and the most important terms to know.

Animal Fighting: State Laws

A state’s criminal animal cruelty statutes may address animal fighting generally or may identify specific types of animal fighting, such as dogfighting, cockfighting or hog-dog fighting, as unlawful.

Animal Fighting: Federal Law

The Animal Welfare Act is the name for United States Code Title 7 Chapter 54 “Transportation, Sale, and Handling of Certain Animals.” It is one of a handful of federal laws that provide very limited protections for animals.

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