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The Animal Law Academy webinars are an opportunity to hone your skills and gain both practical and substantive knowledge about important issues currently facing animals in the legal system. Participants will learn from the experts and enjoy an interactive Q&A session. Don’t miss the chance to get an in-depth look into what it means to advocate for animals’ through the legal system.

Animal Law Academy webinars are suitable for anyone interested in animal law, current and future law students, attorneys, legal professionals and animal advocates.

Past webinars


Back to School with Joyce Tischler 2017

Presented 9/15/17
During this webinar, you will learn about the history of animal law and the Animal Legal Defense Fund Student Chapters, the important role that students play in animal law and advocacy, and ways to get involved, stay motivated, and feel inspired.

Captive Wildlife 2017

Presented 8/8/17
Matthew Liebman, Director of Litigation for the Animal Legal Defense Fund, teaches participants how animal advocates are using state and federal laws to protect wild animals in captivity.

Ag-Gag Laws 2017

Presented by 7/11/17
This session will be led by Professor Alan Chen, University of Denver Sturm College of Law, and co-counsel on the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s pending cases against Ag-Gag laws in Utah and Idaho.
Puppy Mills 2017

Puppy Mills 2017

Presented 6/6/17
Lora Dunn, Director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund Criminal Justice Program, teaches participants how to navigate the legal landscape of animal cruelty prosecutions, from crime scene to courtroom.

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