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Take Action: Ask Governor Hutchinson to Veto Arkansas Ag-Gag Law

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UPDATE – March 24, 2017:
Thank you to everyone who took action to defeat this bill. Unfortunately, Arkansas Governor Hutchinson signed HB 1665 into law, but we’re not done fighting.

A bill in Arkansas that would endanger animals is very close to becoming law. We need your help to show Governor Hutchinson that his constituents and other Americans oppose Ag-Gag laws. House Bill 1665 is designed to deter whistleblowers, journalists and undercover investigators from publicizing information, including conditions for animals on factory farms. This cruelty should not be allowed to continue in secret. Arkansas’ law would allow factory farm employers to sue whistleblowers directly, who could be liable for tens of thousands of dollars.

Ag-Gag bills, which are pushed by lobbyists for corporate agriculture companies, are an attempt to escape scrutiny over unsafe practices and animal abuses by threatening liability for those who expose these improper and, in many cases, illegal practices. Arkansas’s version is written so broadly that it would also ban undercover investigations of all private entities, including restaurants and daycare centers. This law would silence conscientious employees who wish to report wrongdoing.

Help us urge Arkansas’s Governor Asa Hutchinson to veto this bill. There are many ways you can help, no matter where you live:

  1. Everyone: Tweet at Governor Hutchinson.

Always be polite! Don’t insult, don’t “yell” in all caps or use foul language. Consider using these tweets:

@AsaHutchinson Please veto HB 1665. It infringes on free speech, endangers animals, workers & children. AR is better than that.

@AsaHutchinson Please veto HB 1665. Ag-Gag laws are failing nationwide for a reason. They’re unconstitutional, dangerous, and un-American.

  1. Everyone: Comment on Governor Hutchinson’s Instagram.

Always be polite! Don’t insult, don’t “yell” in all caps or use foul language. Consider using these comments:

Please veto HB 1665. This bill hurts the most vulnerable members of our society and tramples on free speech.

Please veto HB 1665. This law is unconstitutional and similar ones have been challenged across the country. Arkansas should be better than this.

Please veto HB 1665. This law panders to big industry instead of protecting those who are most at risk.

  1. Everyone: Comment on Governor Hutchinson’s Facebook.

Politely urge him to veto HB 1665.

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