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New Jersey: Bears Need Protection

Support “Bear Smart” Legislation, A.1967/S.1891

“Bear Smart” legislation is needed to ensure black bears remain protected in New Jersey. Bill A.1967/S.1891 prohibits the irresponsible practice of intentional feeding of black bears by residents and hunters — but goes further to address unintentional bear feeding to reduce human-bear encounters.

Under current law, the prohibition on the feeding of black bear does not apply in the case of an unintentional feeding — defined as using or placing any material for a purpose other than to attract or entice black bears but which results in the attraction or enticement of a black bear, and includes the use of bait for deer.

Bill A.1967/S.1891 clarifies that the prohibition applies to any food and includes the placement of food.

Please contact your assembly member using the form below and urge them to protect New Jersey’s bears.

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