Speak Out for Farmed Animals Week

Speak Out for Farmed Animals Week is a yearly event dedicated to raising awareness about the lack of meaningful laws that protect farmed animals from cruel treatment. Join us for a week of action for farmed animals on October 15-21, 2017!

Speak Out For Farmed Animals Week

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Take Action!

There are so many ways to speak out and take action for farmed animals. You can have a direct impact on the lives of farmed animals by changing your diet, showing a film to friends, or sharing the story of a farmed animal online. Here are just a few ways you can take action during Speak Out For Farmed Animals Week, or anytime.

  • Have a movie night with friends! Cowspiracy, The Ghosts in Our Machine, and Earthlings are all good introductions to the plight of farmed animals.
  • Visit or volunteer at a farmed animal sanctuary! Meeting animals face-to-face is a great way to fully appreciate how much cows, chickens, and pigs are individuals deserving of our respect and kindness. Find a sanctuary near you!
  • Have a Meatless Monday at your office or at home! By showing how easy it is to eat a meat-free meal, you help other people choose more plant-based options, sparing the lives of farmed animals.
  • Share our Cruelty-Free Resource Guide with friends to remind them that the best way to protect farmed animals is to stop eating them.
  • Email or call your representative about pending local, state, or federal legislation impacting farmed animals, including Ag-Gag bills.
  • Organize an ALDF Benefit Day by contacting a local vegan/vegetarian restaurant or animal-friendly business to see if they would donate a percentage of their total daily sales to ALDF to help us in our groundbreaking legal work for animals.
  • Support ALDF and farmed animals by purchasing a shirt here! We’ve partnered with FLOAT – For Love Of All Things to offer limited edition t-shirts to help raise public awareness nationwide about the lack of meaningful laws that protect farmed animals from cruel treatment.

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