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The Animal Legal Defense Fund offers scholarships to law students studying in the field of animal law.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund works closely with law students and law professionals to advance the emerging field of animal law. Our work with students seeks to engage students while they are still in law school in animal law and the work of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and to support students as they get a legal education they can use to advocate for animals in the legal system in the future. Scholarships are a significant aspect of our student support. The scholarships help students advance the field of animal law while in law school and after graduation. The scholarships are also critical to ensure that animal law across the country is being represented by more diverse voices – building a more inclusive movement that benefits the well-being of animals. The secondary goal of the scholarships is to benefit law students and to support their ongoing engagement in animal law leadership.

Scholarships provided by the Animal Legal Defense Fund include:

The Advancement of Animal Law Scholarships

The Advancement of Animal Law Scholarships are available to law student members of our Animal Legal Defense Fund Student Chapters. Applicants must be committed to the advancement of animal law through active involvement with their student chapter while in law school and anticipated participation in the field after graduation. This scholarship is for one year only and range from $2,500 to $5,000.

HBCU Scholarship Program

The Animal Legal Defense Fund awards one scholarship package and paid clerkship per year to a rising first or second year student at North Carolina Central University School of Law. Scholarship awards are in the amount of $9,482 to cover in-state tuition, along with a paid clerkship for that following summer. The goal of this scholarship is to remove barriers to law school, and to ensure more diverse voices are being represented within the animal protection movement. Providing resources and opportunities to members of historically disadvantaged and marginalized communities is critical to our mission.

Center for Animal Law Studies Summer School Scholarships

In 2021, the Animal Legal Defense Fund offered 10 scholarships for law students to take summer Animal Law courses through the Lewis & Clark Law School Center for Animal Law Studies. These scholarships provided opportunities for students from other law schools to take advantage of the advanced Animal Law courses offered by Lewis & Clark Law School. Scholarships covered the full tuition of a 2-credit course.

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