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Massachusetts: Ask Your State Legislators to Ban Fur Sales

This action is for Massachusetts residents only.

Millions of animals are cruelly raised and killed for their fur every year. An Act Prohibiting the Sale of Fur Products (H.849/S.590) would ban the sale of new fur products, including clothing, fashion accessories, and home décor, throughout Massachusetts. The prohibition also includes fur products being sold into the state, including online sales.

On fur farms, animals such as foxes and minks are typically confined to tiny wire cages for virtually their entire lives. Unable to engage in most of their natural behaviors, they routinely resort to self-mutilation, obsessive pacing, and infanticide. Undercover investigations on fur farms have brought to light egregious cruelty — including animals being skinned alive. Fur farms can also be breeding grounds for zoonotic diseases, as evidenced by the spread of COVID-19 on mink farms. 

Please use the form below to ask your state lawmakers to support this important bill.

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