Action Alert

Connecticut: Help end cruel circus abuse

This action is CLOSED.

Update: Unfortunately, this bill failed to be raised in the Environment Committee by a key legislative deadline. We are grateful to Senator Will Haskell and Representative Anne Meiman Hughes for introducing this important legislation to prohibit the use of wild animals in circuses and traveling shows, to the coalition advocating for its passage, and to the hundreds of Animal Legal Defense Fund supporters who took action.

Wild animals don’t belong in circuses. They are subjected to neglect, abusive training, prolonged confinement, and their use in circuses puts the public at risk. It’s not entertainment — it’s cruelty. A key Connecticut legislative committee is considering a bill to prohibit the use of wild animals in circuses. Please contact your state senator and state representative to urge their support for and co-sponsorship of An Act Prohibiting the Use of Wild Animals in Circuses, Carnivals and Exhibitions (SB 66), known as “Beulah’s Law.”

Beulah, an Asian elephant, was exploited for decades by the Commerford Zoo. Born in the wild in Myanmar in 1967 and imported to the U.S., Beulah was sold to the Connecticut-based traveling show and petting zoo, Commerford Zoo, before she was six years old. Just prior to her death in 2019, she was seen collapsing multiple times at the Big E in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Beulah is survived by her former companion, Minnie, an Asian elephant who continues to be neglected by Commerford.

Beulah, like all wild animals, had complex behavioral, physical, and emotional needs that cannot be satisfied by traveling shows designed for human entertainment. Please help animals like Beulah and urge your legislators to support “Beulah’s Law.”