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  • Kim Basinger Urges Craigslist to Ban Posts with Animals

    Animal protection advocate and actress Kim Basinger sent a letter to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster with an urgent request the company end all animal posts on its platform.
    January 25, 2021 Press Release
  • Urge Craigslist to Ban Animal Posts

    Join us in urging Craigslist to end all animal sales and posts on its platform. Though Craigslist’s official policy bans the sale of animals, animals continue to be advertised and purchased on Craigslist — many under the guise of the “rehoming.”
  • Tell Craigslist to Shut Down Animal Sales

    Though Craigslist has officially banned the sale of animals, animals are routinely sold on its platform. Farmed animals including pigs to dogs and cats to lizards and snakes continue to be advertised and purchased on Craigslist under the guise of “re-homing.”
  • Animal Sales and Rehoming Scams: How to Spot Them

    While Craigslist officially bans the sale of companion animals, in reality such sales are common on the platform, with sellers often using the term “rehoming” in order to skirt the ban. Scams are widespread, with unethical breeders and dealers frequently selling animals who are sick, stolen, or even nonexistent.