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  • Challenging University of Wisconsin’s Censorship of Speech on Social Media

    The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit on behalf of a former employee of one of UW-Madison's primate research labs, who has been prevented from posting truthful comments on the school's otherwise public Instagram and Facebook posts because they are critical of the university’s storied history of animal testing.
  • Challenging Arkansas’s Ag-Gag Law

    The Animal Legal Defense Fund led a coalition that filed a lawsuit in Arkansas challenging the constitutionality of the state’s Ag-Gag law — which prohibits undercover investigations that expose abuses at factory farms and other businesses…

  • Enforcing Legislation That Protects Wildlife Near the Mexican Border

    In January 2017, the federal government announced that it would replace the San Diego border wall with a staggering 30-foot wall — potentially made of impermeable concrete — as well as building multiple sections of new…

  • Challenging Missouri’s Meat Labeling Law

    In 2018, the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a federal lawsuit challenging a Missouri law that that prevents plant-based meat and cultured meat producers from using “meat” terminology because their products do not come from a…