Ending Killing Contests in Colorado

In 2020, Colorado adopted regulations banning killing contests for coyotes and foxes, as well as other small mammals.


April 30, 2020

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Regulation enacted on April 30, 2020

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In the spring of 2020, Colorado became the sixth state to ban cruel wildlife killing contests, where hunters compete to kill as many animals as they can during a specified time period. Contestants are typically rewarded with cash or other prizes for killing the largest, smallest, or greatest number of animals.


On April 30, 2020, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission voted to ban killing contests for coyotes, foxes, and bobcats as well as other small mammals, including mink, pine marten, badger, striped skunk, western spotted skunk, beaver, muskrat, long-tailed weasel, short-tailed weasel, opossum, ring-tailed cat, raccoon, as well as Wyoming ground squirrel, and white-tailed, black-tailed, and Gunnison’s prairie dogs.

Under the new regulation, events like the High Desert Predator Classic in Pueblo, the Song Dog Coyote Hunt in Kennesburg, and the San Luis Valley Coyote Calling Competition are no longer permitted. The “winners” of these contests often posted photos and videos on social media of piles of dead coyotes and other animals, often before disposing of the animals in “carcass dumps” away from the public eye.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund as part of a coalition of leading wildlife protection organizations commended both Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Commission for its forward-thinking, science-based decision to prohibit the senseless slaughter inherent to killing contests. In addition to encouraging states to enact laws and regulations prohibiting these cruel events, the Animal Legal Defense Fund also challenges killing contests through litigation and has successfully challenged coyote-killing contests in Oregon and Kansas.

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