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Tell Target: Animal Cruelty is Not OK!

Urge Target to remove Dairy Farmers of America products from its shelves, including DairyPure and TruMoo

An undercover investigation at Dick Van Dam Dairy by Animal Outlook in Southern California revealed egregious abuse, including newborn calves in need of veterinary care left to die and decompose in pens alongside mother cows, and cows being routinely kicked, punched, and jabbed with splintered canes and metal pipes.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund responded by filing a lawsuit against the dairy, its owners, and supervisors — but we need your help to stop this cruelty.

Dick Van Dam Dairy is a supplier of Dairy Farmers of America, whose products include the DairyPure and TruMoo brands sold at Target stores nationwide. The abuse is in direct violation of Target’s own corporate animal welfare policy. Please take a few minutes to tell Target to remove all Dairy Farmers of America products from its shelves, including DairyPure and TruMoo.

It’s critical that we use every tool available to help these cows and calves — and that’s why your message to Target is so important. Earlier this month, we sent a letter to Target asking it to suspend the sale of these products. Target responded by stating that Dairy Farmers of America had already removed Dick Van Dam Dairy from its supply chain — but that’s not enough. The Dick Van Dam Dairy investigation was far from the first to document significant evidence of cruelty at a Dairy Farmers of America supplier. Multiple investigations, conducted by three separate organizations, have revealed abuses at dairies in Colorado, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania, including cows being stabbed with screwdrivers and calves denied access to water and hit and jabbed with rods and sticks.

Use the form below to ask Target executives to remove Dairy Farms of America products products from its store shelves today.

Thank you for standing up for cows and calves by telling Target that your dollars won’t support animal abuse.

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