Collect Donations for Local Animal Sanctuaries or Shelters

Team up with a professor to encourage students to donate food, blankets, or toys in exchange for immunity from being cold-called on in class.

Organize an Animal Legal Defense Fund Benefit Day

Contact a local plant-based restaurant or animal-friendly business to see if they would donate a percentage of their total daily sales to the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Fundraise for Animals

Raise money for your chapter, a local animal shelter, or sanctuary with a Professors with Pets calendar that your chapter sells to the law school community. Your chapter could also hold a Cutest Companion Animal Contest, where you set up a table with animal photos and students and professors vote for their favorite by putting a dollar in the jar for that photo. Host a plant-based bake sale and engage students in conversation about how easy it is to go cruelty-free. The possibilities are endless—get creative!

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