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Massachusetts: Ask Your State Legislators to Co-Sponsor Critical Animal Protection Bills in 2021

This action is for Massachusetts residents only.

The 2021-2022 legislative session in Massachusetts is underway, and your help is needed to ensure that strengthening the Commonwealth’s animal protection laws is a priority. Ask your state legislators to co-sponsor a list of critical animal protection bills this session.

  • An Act to protect animals from convicted animal abusers(H.1824/S.1111) Sponsors: Rep. Nguyen, Rep. Hill, Sen. Moore
  • An Act relative to the use of elephants, big cats, primates, giraffes, and bears in traveling exhibits(H.3776/S.2251) Sponsors: Rep. Ehrlich, Rep. Jones, Sen. Tarr
  • An Act further regulating the enforcement of illegal hunting practices (H.904/S.587) Sponsors: Rep. Ehrlich, Rep. Ferrante, Sen. Moore
  • An Act to upgrade hen welfare and establish uniform cage-free standards for egg-laying hens (H.864/S.36) Sponsors: Rep. Cahill, Sen. Lewis
  • An Act prohibiting the sale of fur products (H.965/S.623) Sponsors: Rep. Lewis, Sen. Velis

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is also supporting other key animal protection bills, including the following.

  • An Act protecting research animals(“Beagle Bill”) (H.901/H.890/S.613) Sponsors: Rep. Dykema, Rep. DuBois, Sen. Tarr
  • An Act concerning the use of animals in product testing (H.966/S.584) Sponsors: Rep. Lewis, Sen. Montigny
  • An Act enhancing the issuance of citations for cruel conditions for animals(H.1840/S.1097) Sponsors: Rep. Puppolo, Sen. Montigny
  • An Act relative to ivory and rhinoceros horn (H.903/S.576) Sponsors: Rep. Ehrlich, Sen. Lewis
  • An Act banning the retail sale of cats and dogs in pet shops(H.384/S.230) Sponsors: Rep. Higgins, Sen. O’Connor
  • An Act protecting the health and safety of puppies and kittens in cities and towns(H.2148/S.1322) Sponsors: Rep. Campbell, Sen. Chandler
  • An Act to Maintain Stable Housing for Families with Pets in an Economic Crisis and Beyond(H.1437/S.885) Sponsors: Rep. Rogers, Sen. Gobi
  • Several bills to protect dogs in daycares and boarding facilities(H.305 “Ollie’s Law”/H.949/S.582/S.595) Sponsors: Rep. Ashe, Rep. Kane, Sen. Montigny, Sen. O’Connor

We also urge legislators not to co-sponsor any bills that would be harmful to animals, including bills that would weaken regulations relating to trapping fur-bearing mammals (H.913/H.1016/H.1022/S.554) and repeal the law prohibiting Sunday hunting (H.914/H.984/H.1015/H.1019/H.1032/S.547).

Your state legislators need to know that you believe animal protection should be a legislative priority.

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