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The Animal Legal Defense Fund works at the federal, state and local levels to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals.

Animal Protection Laws Ranking

Each year, the Animal Legal Defense Fund publishes its U.S. State Animal Protection Laws Rankings Report. Each state is ranked based on 20 different categories of animal protection.

Overall Rank: #8 (Top Tier)

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Active Cases

A recent visitor observed a five inch gash on one of the bear’s shoulders

Challenging the Treatment of Captive Animals at Olympic Game Farm

The Animal Legal Defense Fund alleges Olympic Game Farm, a roadside zoo in Sequim, Washington, is breaking the Endangered Species Act and state anti-cruelty laws by not providing adequate care for the captive animals in its possession.

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Stop Ag-Gag Laws

Undercover investigations and whistleblowers have exposed some of the worst aspects of factory farming, but Ag-Gag laws punish people who speak out about cruelty in animal agriculture. Voice your opposition.

No More Puppy Mills

Puppy mill operators maximize their profits by producing large numbers of puppies as quickly as possible. As a result, unsanitary conditions, disease, and neglect are rampant. Sign our pledge to boycott puppy mills. Together we can end cruel puppy mills.
Passing Local Legislation: Retail Pet Sale Ban

Passing Local Legislation: Retail Pet Sale Ban

In this free webinar, we walk you through the basics of how to pass a retail pet sale bans in your community — a powerful way to fight back against puppy mills.
Passing Local Legislation: Prohibiting Animals in Circuses and Traveling Shows

Passing Local Legislation: Prohibiting Animals in Circuses and Traveling Shows

This webinar will focus on passing a local prohibition on animals used in circuses and other traveling shows.

Recent Victories

Octopus Farming Ban (Washington)

Octopus Farming Ban (Washington)

H.B. 1153​
In recognition of the "advanced cognitive abilities" of octopuses, An Act Related to Prohibiting Octopus Farming, H.B. 1153, seeks to prohibit octopus aquaculture, also known as octopus farming, in Washington.

Cosmetics Testing Ban (Washington)

H.B. 1097
This bill would make it unlawful for manufacturers to sell or offer for sale in Washington a cosmetic that was developed or manufactured using cosmetic animal testing conducted or contracted for by the manufacturer or its supplier (with limited exceptions).
Challenging Washington's Illegal Bear Hunting Regulations

Challenging Washington’s Illegal Bear Hunting Regulations

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed an amicus brief in support of a challenge to two rules promulgated by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Service allowing bears to be hunted using bait, hounds, and body-gripping traps.
dog and family

Stopping Unfair and Deceptive Pet Leasing Practices (Washington)

Concerning contracts for dogs and cats (HB 1476)
Effectively ends pet leasing schemes in the state by making pet leasing contracts void and unenforceable.