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The Animal Legal Defense Fund works at the federal, state and local levels to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals.

Animal Protection Laws Ranking

Each year, the Animal Legal Defense Fund publishes its U.S. State Animal Protection Laws Rankings Report. Each state is ranked based on 20 different categories of animal protection.

Overall Rank: #6 (Top Tier)

  • +Child protective investigators are required to report suspected animal cruelty and have civil immunity for doing so in good faith
  • +Animal control officers must complete training on animal cruelty investigations
  • +Has “Good Samaritan” law allowing civilians to rescue animals left unattended in cars
  • -Standards for minimum acceptable care for animals (e.g. necessary food, water, shelter) are not well-defined
  • -No felony provisions for negligent or reckless animal neglect or abandonment

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Recent Victories


Ending the Shark Fin Trade (Florida)

The Kristin Jacobs Ocean Conservation Act (SB 680)
Limiting the sale, import, and export of shark fins

Challenging Backyard Butchers in Florida

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit to shut down four black market backyard slaughter operations outside of Fort Myers, Florida.

Ending Greyhound Racing in Florida

Amendment 13 – public vote
The end of the Florida greyhound racing industry ensures that thousands of dogs will no longer be subjected to cruelty in the name of entertainment.