Stop the Hunt: Permits

Canned Hunt and "Trophy" Import Permit Tracker

The Stop the Hunt campaign aims to end canned hunting and trophy hunting in the United States and across the world. Learn more about our campaign and canned hunting and trophy imports here.

Oppose Trophy Permit for Endangered Animals

Join us in telling the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that canned hunting does not provide any benefit for the endangered species and that these applications should be denied.

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Due DECEMBER 21, 2022

The people below have requested permits to import the hunting “trophies” of male bonteboks.

Stand up for these animals by telling the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that endangered animals should be protected. Below is suggested text, but please personalize your message for the most impact:

I oppose granting permits to William Byron Taylor, Jr., Henderson, TX, Permit No. PER0055329; and Benjamin Caleb Wright, Montgomery, TX, Permit No. PER0056018.

These permits require that the applicant demonstrate the activity will benefit endangered species, but this animal was killed at a private game ranch that does not manage breeding. Further, the application requests the import of a hunting trophy – the result of the premature killing of an endangered species. Canned hunting does not benefit endangered animals, it benefits only the hunter and the commercial interests of the hunting ranch. Canned hunting threatens both the individual animal that is killed and the health of an endangered species as a whole. Granting this permit would violate the spirit and letter of the Endangered Species Act. It is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s responsibility to protect endangered species, not further harm them. I strongly oppose the granting of this permit. Thank you.

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