Challenge Mendocino County, CA Contract with Wildlife Services

The Animal Legal Defense Fund sued Mendocino County, California, for violating the California Environmental Quality Act by renewing a contract with the federal wildlife-killing program known as Wildlife Services.


April 16, 2016

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Mendocino County suspended its contract with Wildlife Services

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Performing Legally Required Environmental Impact Report

In 2014, Mendocino County, California, entered into a $144,000 contract with Wildlife Services, a controversial federal program whose main purpose is to kill animals. The Animal Legal Defense Fund and a coalition of environmental and animal protection groups filed suit in the Superior Court of the State of California against the county, claiming Wildlife Services contract violated the California Environmental Quality Act. Specifically, Mendocino County failed to review environmental impacts prior to contracting with Wildlife Services to kill coyotes, bears, bobcats, foxes, and other animals.

As a result of our lawsuit, Mendocino County agreed to suspend the contract with Wildlife Services and to fully evaluate non-lethal predator control alternatives submitted by the coalition. When the county later reinstated its contract with Wildlife Services, we sued again.

Another settlement followed in 2016, in which Mendocino County agreed to immediately suspend its contract with Wildlife Services pending preparation of a full Environmental Impact Report under the California Environmental Quality Act.


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