Student Chapter Spotlight

University of California–Berkeley: Animal Awareness Week

Each spring, Boalt Hall Animal Law Society (ALS) hosts an Animal Awareness Week on campus to educate students and faculty at the University of California-Berkeley about issues involving animals in our society, the lack of protection that animals have through our existing laws, and how we can promote the humane treatment of animals. Members also hold a bake sale, with many vegan options, in order to raise money for their chapter’s activities.

The event lasts for three days, from approximately 11am until 2pm. Each day centers on one theme, typically divided by type of animal: Wildlife Day, Factory Farm Day, and Research/Companion Animal Day. ALS members set up a table and a TV in the student lobby, show films and pass out brochures about that day’s issues, and try to have a petition or action alert available specific to that type of animal/abuse.

This year, during Factory Farm Day, students signed a petition supporting a Berkeley City Council resolution against battery cages for egg-laying hens. ALS then went to the city council meeting with other community members to present the petition and the resolution passed unanimously.

According to Misti Schmidt, ALS President, “student response is typically very supportive. Many people are drawn over by the baked goods and by the films we show, including Peaceable Kingdom, Mad Cowboy, and Off the Chain.”

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