Protect Wisconsin’s Animals from Sexual Abusers

Update: This action is closed.

WISCONSIN RESIDENTS ONLY: A critical bill in the Wisconsin legislature that would strengthen penalties for people who sexually abuse animals is in trouble. The proposed law would make it a felony to sexually abuse an animal in Wisconsin. Currently, these crimes are only misdemeanors, except in a few specific situations.

Unfortunately, this important bill was not placed on the final Senate calendar for this Tuesday. Without this critical step, the bill will die. However, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has the ability to add bills to the calendar at the last minute.

Please call Senator Scott Fitzgerald at (608) 266-5660 today and politely ask him to add the bills to the calendar. Here’s a sample message to share with Senator Fitzgerald: “I am a Wisconsin resident. Please include SB 802/ AB 666, the animal sexual abuse bill, on the March 20 agenda for a vote.”

Thank you for taking a few minutes to defend Wisconsin’s animals.

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