Action Alert

Iowa: Protect Egg-laying Hens in Iowa


A dangerous bill in the Iowa legislature would force grocery stores to sell eggs from caged chickens. Many people don’t support the cruel treatment of farmed animals. As a result, many major food retailers, including Walmart and McDonald’s, have agreed to phase out the use of eggs from hens kept in battery cages – wire cages so small that hens can’t even stand up. Battery cages can hold up to 11 hens, leaving each bird less space than a sheet of printer paper.

Instead of respecting consumers’ wishes, the factory farm industry is pushing a bill that makes it illegal for grocery chains to sell exclusively cage-free eggs. We need your help to defeat this ridiculous proposal. Please take a few minutes to make a quick call to your legislators. You can find your legislators by clicking here.

A sample message: “I am _____ (name of legislator)’s constituent. I urge you to oppose House Study Bill 623 and SF 2242. The legislature should not force stores to sell products that consumers don’t want – products that are cruel, threaten human health, and hurt Iowa’s family farmers.”

Thank you for taking the time to speak out for Iowa’s farmed animals.