Plant-Based Kitchens

Cruelty-Free Guide

It’s fun and easy to have a plant-based kitchen!

Many of the items you are already eating are cruelty-free: vegetables, fruits, pastas made without eggs, beans, tofu, tempeh and seitan, just to name a few.

The world of “fake meat” alternatives is growing larger every day. These days we have many delicious non-dairy cheese options and other plant-based foods for sale at nearly every grocery store around, not just specialty markets.

greater number of supermarkets are selling already-prepared plant-based meals. And we have more restaurant options than ever—that includes restaurants serving exclusively plant-based food, but also restaurants that have plant-based options on their menu.

And don’t worry. Along with the obvious “healthier” alternatives, a plant-based—or “vegan”—diet can also include guilty pleasures. Pizza made with vegan cheese, French fries, dairy-free ice-cream, candy and sweets can all be deliciously yours.

Instead of purchasing products that are animal-based, try these plant-based foods as a tasty and healthier alternative:


  • Animal Free provides a dictionary of animal products, alternatives, as well as a barcode scanner to see if a product is vegan. Click here for Android.
  • Trader Joe’s offers a list of its vegan products.
  • Vegan List has over 20,000 listings of plant-based food, candy, beer, wine, and liquor.

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