Animal Rights 101, Continued

Last year the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Center for Biological Diversity teamed up as the only leading animal protection and environmental organizations to start breaking the taboos that stop us from talking about the number of children we choose to have and the food we choose to eat, and what those choices mean for animals.

If people around the world accelerate the trend of having smaller families, and begin to eat less meat or even switch to a plant-based diet, we will decelerate climate change and save much of the biodiverse nonhuman world. The children being born today will inherit a cleaner and safer world filled with animals and nature.

If people around the world do not have smaller families, or choose to have larger families that eat as much meat or more than the average person does today, we will exacerbate climate change and eliminate most of the other species on this planet. The children being born today will inherit a crowded, dangerous and degraded world with few animals and little nature.

The choice is clear.

Help us break the taboo and speak out about your choice to have a smaller family and a better diet. Do it, help children and animals at the same time, and ensure a better world for everyone.

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