Animal law cases and can be complex. Our short documentary videos help convey key concepts in major cases and issues.

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Introduction to Animal Legal Defense Fund

Under current laws, animals are considered property and lack necessary protections. The Animal Legal Defense Fund works to protect and establish basic rights for animals through the legal system.

Explaining Animals’ Legal Status

Every state in the U.S. has animal cruelty laws — but very few animal cruelty cases are brought to court. If we all agree that animals should not be abused, why aren’t these laws better enforced?

Tig’s Tale: A Puppy Mill Mom

Follow the rescue story of a puppy mill mom, narrated by Christian Serratos. Discarded, because her puppies had a low mortality rate, a 5-pound Yorkshire Terrier got an early reprieve from life on a mill at just 5-years-old.

Biogas or Bullsh*t?

The Animal Legal Defense Fund and Joaquin Phoenix partner to counter industrial animal agriculture’s green-washing of factory farm ‘biogas.’

Kate Mara and the Animal Legal Defense Fund Expose Animal Cruelty at Dairy Farm

On the heels of an undercover investigation of a Southern California dairy farm, Emmy-nominated actress and animal advocate, Kate Mara, joined forces with the Animal Legal Defense Fund to announce the organization’s lawsuit against the dairy and its management for violating state and local animal protection laws.

Justice v. Vercher

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed the groundbreaking lawsuit, Justice v. Vercher, on behalf of a horse named Justice, against the person who neglected him. If successful, this lawsuit would be the first to establish that animals have a legal right to sue their abusers in court.

The Dangers of Ag-Gag Laws

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is actively challenging Ag-Gag laws, which seek to “gag” would-be whistleblowers and undercover activists from exposing the conditions inside animal agriculture facilities by punishing them for filming daily and routine activities. These laws are a violation of the First Amendment and can cover up far more than animal cruelty, including food safety concerns, worker safety concerns, and environmental impacts from pollution.

The Case for Courtroom Animal Advocate Programs

Courtroom Animal Advocate Program (CAAP) laws allow advocates – supervised law students or volunteer lawyers – to advocate for animal victims in criminal cruelty cases. Volunteers appear in court and assist the judge on behalf of the animal victim’s interests.

400+ Animals Rescued from Cricket Hollow Zoo

After 6 years of legal battles, the Animal Legal Defense Fund was able to help move over 400 animals from cruel living conditions at Cricket Hollow Zoo. Here is the story about 5 of the primates who were rescued.

A Closer Look with Stephen Wells: Ag-Gag Laws

Former Animal Legal Defense Fund Executive Director Stephen Wells explains Ag-Gag laws and why we are taking the lead in striking down these unconstitutional laws.

A Closer Look with Stephen Wells: Justice v. Vercher

Former Animal Legal Defense Fund Executive Director Stephen Wells explains the importance of Justice v. Vercher and the recognition of animals as victims of crime.

The Special Lawyers Who Protect Us

The changing climate is negatively impacting the natural habitats of wildlife. Through the legal system, the Animal Legal Defense Fund is challenging those who contribute to the harmful effects.

Justice for Animals Fundraiser 2022

Justice for Animals is an annual fundraiser, a memorable evening that highlights our recent successes, honors leaders in animal protection, and features special guest celebrities.