We’re excited to debut our new logo for the Animal Legal Defense Fund Student Chapters!

This streamlined, modern re-imagining of our classic shield-of-protection logo reflects the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s incredible growth over the past four decades. From the beginning, we’ve always been about change.

When the Animal Legal Defense Fund was founded, “animal law” didn’t even exist. Today, we’re at the forefront of this rapidly growing field of law, reaching new generations of attorneys, judges, and law students dedicating their careers to fighting for animals’ legal rights.

We are also switching to “Animal Legal Defense Fund Student Chapters” from “Student Animal Legal Defense Fund.” For your chapter’s name, you may incorporate your school name, i.e., Lewis & Clark Law School Animal Legal Defense Fund, or Animal Legal Defense Fund – Lewis & Clark Chapter.

Download one of these two versions below (horizontal or vertical). These are editable so you can add your school’s name!


New Cover Photos Available

We also have new cover photos for your chapter’s social media pages, and you can add your school’s logo to the tiger cover photo! Here are some cover photos you can download and use:

With this option, you can add your school’s logo to the cover photo:

Directions: Download the cover photo and save as a JPEG or PNG file. Open the file in your own photo editing software or an free online version (like Pixlr) to add your school’s logo. In Pixlr, select “open image from computer” to open the cover photo. Select “open image as layer” and open your school’s logo. Use “free transform” (under edit) to resize the logo, then use the move tool to place the logo in the right hand corner.

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