Raise the #climatesign for Animals

Climate change is not an unavoidable fate, but a challenge to be addressed. At Animal Legal Defense Fund, we raise the #climatesign in taking on the climate challenge in the way we know best: through advocating for animal well-being.

As 55 billion land animals are slaughtered through animal agricultural each year, the sector emits nearly 20% of the greenhouse gases that warm our planet.

Climate change has a huge impact on wild species, and the extinction rate has now climbed to more than twelve species per day. With knowledge and the tools for change, we are empowered to break this cycle. As we switch up our gas-guzzlers for fuel-efficient vehicles and trade our plastic water bottles for reusable ones, we can also make the shift towards climate-conscious eating (hello tempeh bacon!).

At the same time, we can ask destructive industries to step up to the plate, and protect both the environment and animal welfare. You can count on Animal Legal Defense Fund to lead the way towards a greener future for all species.

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