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Oregon: Stop Mega-Dairies from Exploiting the State’s Water Resources!

This action is for Oregon residents only.

Oregon’s leaders are failing to protect animals, Oregon’s natural resources, and residents from harmful mega-dairies. Oregon’s rivers, streams, and aquifers are already strained by our demands and mega-dairies — like the proposed 30,000 cow Easterday Farms on the former disastrous Lost Valley mega-dairy site — are sucking nearby aquifers dry.

Under state law, mega-dairies have unlimited access to water without a water use permit under a “stockwatering” exemption if they use the water to water their cows. This loophole was created for an era when mega-dairies — and their massive water use — were unimaginable. The Animal Legal Defense Fund is part of a broad coalition petitioning the Oregon Water Resources Commission to close the loophole and restrict withdrawals for stockwatering from eastern Oregon’s strained aquifers.

This rule change would restrict new mega-dairies and only allow them to use up to 5,000 gallons of water per day without a permit from “critical groundwater areas,” areas that are already struggling with declining water supply due to over-extraction.

The Oregon Water Resources Commission is accepting comments on this issue until November 12th. Send a brief message to the commission urging them the close the stockwatering loophole in Oregon law and halt mega-dairies’ unlimited access to our water.

Please edit the message before sending to personalize it. Unique comments carry more weight!


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