The application period for the Spring 2021 Law Student Paper Series is now closed. Please check back later for future updates.

All across the country, law students are writing papers on animal law topics to complete class and degree requirements—papers which, despite the amount of time and commitment involved in producing a high-quality piece of scholarship, do not receive the attention they deserve. The Law Student Paper Series provide a unique platform for students to showcase their work to an online audience. It also provides law students with an unparalleled opportunity to gain public speaking experience, hone their presentation skills, and contribute to the field of animal law. Students whose papers are selected will receive one-on-one prep and practice time with Animal Legal Defense Fund staff members before presenting their papers in a 30-minute webinar format. Papers will also be added to our online library.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Author must have been enrolled in law school when the paper was written.
  • Papers must have been written within the last two years.
  • Only complete papers will be considered. There is no length requirement.
  • Papers may be published or unpublished, but if published, permission must be obtained to share the paper on the Animal Law Academy portal.
  • By submitting a paper, you are affirming that it has been fact-checked and sources appropriately cited.
  • Must be fluent in English and comfortable presenting and answering questions without a translator.
  • Must be willing to present the topic as part of a webinar, including prep-time.